So you have finally got the apartment you had been looking for and all the paperwork has been signed. Now you are only left with picking up all the stuff and taking it into your new Columbia SC apartments. Looks so easy, right? But not really! So much of planning is required combined with careful organization, as well as some luck, for making sure that you make a smooth move to the new apartment.

Planning in advance lets you to stay comfortable as you move to the new apartment. Here are some points that should be kept in mind before you actually make the move.

You can’t just make the move on a weekend. You always have to do some planning ahead of time. There would be lot more stuff to be moved than what you might have thought. Properly label all the boxes because unpacking them would avoid any kind of hassles.

Next you need to take some truck or van on rent for taking your stuff to the new place. If no one in the family or friends has trucks or vans, you will have to rent it out from some company or someone offering such service. As these vehicles are always in demand, so it is better for you to book one for you a couple of weeks ahead of the actual move.

No matter which floor you have to move to, taking all your stuff to the new apartment is not really easy at all. There are big service elevators in most of the apartment buildings and one can use them for this particular purpose. But during busy times so many people are willing to utilize these elevators and, hence, it would be wise if you get them booked in advance. However, if you don’t go this way, you might have to wait for long in apartment lobby and wait for elevator to get free. Make sure that you check with your apartment manager and enquire that when the elevators can be used by you because there are timing restrictions on using the elevators in some of the apartment complexes. So, get all necessary information, as much as possible for you, and make sure that the move is planned by you in accordance to that.

It is also important to consider that all your services should be transferred to the new apartment before you actually make a move. Services like internet, phone, cable, hydro and gas accounts must be transferred to the new address. They can be cancelled as well if you think you don’t need any of these services any longer. Transferring them can be quite important, particularly if you are sort of person who depends on the things like Internet for school or work.